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We help nonprofits visualize, strategize, plan and achieve!

Our team of consultants provides a wide range of support and expertise to nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their mission and strategic goals.  We are committed to partnering with nonprofit organizations to enhance their impact, effectiveness, and sustainability, ultimately contributing to positive change in the communities they serve. SPARK Philanthropy believes in being a true partner with anyone we work with. Our goal is to lead every step of the way so that your organization can continue to remain focused on your core services.

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Strategic Planning: Our consultants work with nonprofit organizations to develop and refine their strategic plans, setting clear goals and objectives to guide their work.

Fundraising and Development: We provide guidance and support in developing fundraising strategies, cultivating donor relationships, and analyzing data so you can maximize revenue and raise more money.  


Sustainability Planning: Our services empower nonprofits to create long-term sustainability through tailored planning strategies that ensure continued mission impact and organizational resilience. 

Program Development and Evaluation: Our consultants assist in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs and services to ensure they are meeting the needs of the community and aligned with the organization's mission.

Board Development and Governance: We offer guidance on board development, governance best practices, and building effective, engaged boards to provide strong leadership and oversight through facilitated training sessions. 

Marketing and Communication: We support nonprofit organizations in developing effective marketing and communication strategies to raise awareness, engage stakeholders, and advance their mission.

Organizational Capacity Building: We help nonprofits build their internal capacity by providing training, coaching, and resources to strengthen leadership, staff, and volunteer skills.

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